What distro are you running right now?

As Linux nerds we like to distro hop a lot so share what’s running on your machine(s) right at this moment!

Currently, I’m running Ubuntu 19.04 on my main PC and Ubuntu 18.10 on my laptop.

Considering switching to Manjaro on the PC as I have heard good things. It would be nice to venture outside the familiar embrace of the Debian-based world :laughing:.

Antergos transformed to point at Endevour OS mirrors (same install) on my desktop

Laptop currently has Manjaro KDE on it but this tends to be where I do my distro hopping, so that could change in a week.

Pop!_OS and KDE Neon on the laptop, Manjaro i3 on the Pinebook and Manjaro on work desktop.

I still find that Gnome on Ubuntu base is the safest choice when it comes to screen tearing and Optimus cards and general polish (I wish KDE was as good out of the box)

With the Wayland support in KDE this should be greatly improved, I suspect.