The Hardware Bazaar - Sell/Swap/Donate

Get rid of yo’ stuff!

I don’t know about you guys but I often find myself with tonnes of miscellaneous bits of technology around the house. This is a thread to offer your tech to a trusted community without all that annoying haggling on classified sites. Feel free to shout if there is something specific you’re looking for also. Even if you have a high-end graphics card or a bunch of crap USB keys you just want to get rid of - everything goes!

This is a much more sustainable and green way of obtaining what you need. Often we throw out perfectly functioning hardware which could be reused indefinitely or we buy something brand new off Amazon when we could get something just as good second-hand which is cheaper and doesn’t need to be shipped halfway around the world.

The idea would be that you can exchange goods/money at the next Dublin Linux meetup. You can buy, sell or give away anything you like that is vaguely Linux or computer related but every transaction is between the two parties involved. Obviously we don’t accept any liability or responsibility if you get stiffed or ripped off. Treat this like a bulletin board only.

Obviously, the usual social contract applies.

  • Don’t abuse the system for your own gain.
  • Don’t post or ask for drugs/porn/weapons or anything illegal/unethical.
  • Don’t be a jerk.

For visibility and to keep things organised try to stick to the below template to help people search through the thread. Also try to put up a separate block for each item.

Cost (Can be free also but be sure to specify)
Name of item (Brand, model etc)
Description of item (Anything else we should know about it?)
Picture or link to a picture (A link or external embed is preferred to avoid using too much of our hosting resources)

P.S. I am interested in refurbishing old tech so if you have any old machines or peripherals lying around definitely post them and I will take a look.


I’m looking for a standard 60hz 1080p monitor, with DVI or HDMI (preferred, with audio jack). Anything like your usual typical Dell office monitor is grand. I’m happy to pay.


I’m looking to put together a home server for backups and media storage on the cheap. If anyone has any of the following I’ll take them off your hands.

  • Old server chassis or a tower with lots of drive bays.
  • Old motherboards/CPUs.

Basically I’m your man for getting rid of old tech. I’m a bit of a dumpster diver when it comes to old computers.


If anyone has a an old digital camcorder lying around that shoots 1080p please let me know. I’d be very interested in taking it off your hands for a few quid.

I need an inexpensive camera to record a talk at an upcoming event which can be mounted on a tripod. Using my phone isn’t an option.