Need any help with anything?

Post here and we will try to help as much as we can :grinning:

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Anyone can recomend good mouse which is Linux compatible? Last I had was Roccat Kone+
Now dev who developed driver for Roccat is gone. Any suggestions for something with poling rate of 1000 and usb2/3 and more than just 6 buttons, ideally programable? Also, any good advice on HDD?

I know how to google, but as said earlier, I am lazy bum, and you probably bought an HDD and Linux compatible mouse before. Also, where do you shop for components? I also plan video card upgrade. Thinking of Radeon. OSS drivers etc.

Hi Dimko, Thanks for asking :slight_smile:

I have a Corsair mouse that works flawlessly under Linux, it’s wired and is the generation before the RGB craze. But in general, choose Logitech and you can’t go wrong with Linux. Anything I have ever owned by them has been plug and play under Linux, and they also got gaming mice!