Learning the Godot Game Engine

So I’ve been meaning to learn the Godot game engine properly and I thought I would chart my progress here as it could be interesting to others. For those who don’t know Godot is a powerful open source game engine which works on Linux and can export games for Linux systems. Here’s the site: https://godotengine.org/

I’m aiming to create a simple isometric game based on a space station because I am a sci-fi fiend. Something simple for now: walk around, open doors, shoot things etc. Basically Diablo… in spaaaaace!

I have set up a Gitlab project for this but I don’t really have any code to commit just yet apart from a sample project I’m using as a base. I’m still getting to grips with the nuts and bolts of Godot but it seems like a shallow learning curve so I’m hoping to have something basic up there soon-ish. I’d encourage anyone here to clone the project and poke around with it (when it’s up, of course).

I originally had the idea of designing and developing the whole thing collaboratively with the group but this approach seemed a bit too complicated. For now, you can watch my floundering efforts and contribute if you wish!

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This was certainly more of an uphill struggle than I realised initially. This is not due to any issues with the software - Godot is amazing software and a huge achievement - but the time needed. The old adage of having to go “all in” to learn a brand new skill is very true.

I’m actually learning Blender right now by going through Blender Guru’s donuts and coffee tutorial for Blender 2.8. I’ll likely make a thread with my progress on that soon.

For now, if you’re at all interested in Godot please post your experiences or links to your work! I’m very interested in enabling independent creators and I believe Linux and FOSS are the perfect solution for that.