Introduce Yourself!

Hi there!

This is a thread to introduce yourself and let us know a bit about you.

Tell us a bit about how you found us, where you’re from and what you’re interested in learning more about.

If you’re already a member and see someone new, welcome them and make them feel at home!

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I’ll go first, I suppose!

I’m Shane :wave:

I’m the Tactical Officer for Dublin Linux Community. I come up with ideas that help to grow and direct the group.

I also edit and co-host the Linux Lads podcast (check it out :wink:) as well as help out with artwork, maintenance and whatever else needs doing.

I offered to help out with the Dublin LUG as it was known back in 2015 and it’s been a bit of a wild ride since then. Myself, Conor and Mike eventually started the Linux Lads podcast last year.

I’m interested in how Linux and FLOSS (free libre open source software) can empower people to take control of their computing and become more independent. I’m also interested in the creative side of Linux and how it can help people to be creative and productive without the need for expensive, proprietary software.

I’m from Dublin, Ireland and I’m a died in the wool Dub!

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I’ll add myself into the mix too

I’m Conor and I’m the community manager of the Dublin Linux Community. I help organise the events and if you have interacted with our social accounts, chances are you are talking to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been using Linux off and on since 2006. These have been mainly Ubuntu or Debian based distros but I have experimented with others such as Open Suse, Antergos, Manjaro etc. I approach Linux from a desktop user and usability point of view. Which means I have tried to use it as my main OS and edit photos, play games etc so chances are I know an app that’ll be able to do a use-case you are looking for or would be able to research and point you in the right direction. :penguin:

My hobbies include photography, gaming (these I’ve mentioned above), I am also an avid podcast listener, movie and tv show watcher and an all-round geek :nerd_face:. I am also one of the hosts of the Linux Lads podcast. :studio_microphone:

I am a bit of a Rugby nut so will usually be watching Ireland and Leinster play when they do :sunglasses: :rugby_football:

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I’m Anthony. I’m from the Czech Republic and I found out about the Dublin Linux User Group from the ILUG mailing list. I moved to Dublin last Summer. I run fedora, but I have run Mandrake, Redhat, Mint, Ubuntu and some others in my time. I also like BSD systems a lot.

I would like to learn to shell script better and learn Python. :slight_smile:

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I’m Mike, the chief engineer at Dublin Linux Community :smiley:
I’ve been a Linux user for a good few years now, mostly because it allows me to do whatever I’m able to and doesn’t have artificial restrictions like other OSs.
In my opinion, open source is the most efficient way of doing things, not only in software but in any effort.
I don’t mind using proprietary apps and services if I don’t care about losing the access to them in the future, or if there just isn’t other option, like games or YouTube. On the other hand, I wouldn’t use Gmail as my main personal email.
I like trying new software, on desktops and servers.
I’m one of the co-hosts of the Linux Lads podcast.



I’m Camila from Brazil, moved to Dublin 3 yrs ago. I’m unix/linux user since 1999, at moment working in finance market/payment industry at Identity Access Management. I’ve seen some meetups at the app but never made time to attend. I’ll try the next ones! I use Ubuntu as desktop but more used to RHEL. In my previous job I was more into Solaris and AIX, now even Mainframe is in my bucket haha

Spare time? I like to travel, cook and study. I’m a very home person who likes to enjoy the weekend playing hacknet or watching series at Netflix.

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I use linux since 2002. Gentoo is my main distro. Emacs is the text editor of choice.

Hi all,

I’m Ryan, I’m a 2nd year computer science student @ TUD Tallaght. I’ve been using Linux since I wanna say, late 2009 when I was 11. I’ve gone through many distros since then, but settled on Manjaro for now. I mostly use Linux for code and college projects but I’ve always been interested and a fan in the more practical uses for it. I’m a big advocate for open source but at the same time not against proprietary applications either, I hope to contribute to some projects in the future.

Recently I’ve been playing with a 32 bit version of Void Linux on a USB paired with i3, to run on any computer in the past 15 years. It’s fun to play with!

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Hi, I am dimko.

I am lazy bum, who somehow managed to learn how to use Linux.

I was found on LUG by searching a few Linux enabled components of PC.
Anyone can recomend good mouse which is Linux compatible? Last I had was Roccat Kone+
Now dev who developed driver for Roccat is gone. Any suggestions for something with poling rate of 1000 and usb2/3 and more than just 6 buttons, ideally programable? Also, any good advice on HDD?

I know how to google, but as said earlier, I am lazy bum, and you probably bought an HDD and Linux compatible mouse before. Also, where do you shop for components? I also plan video card upgrade. Thinking of Radeon. OSS drivers etc.


I have met some of you already but might as well introduce myself. I have been a full time Linux user since around 2008 and have worked as a Linux engineer in the UK and here in Dublin since 2013.

My distro choices vary. Arch and Fedora would generally be my go to for desktop/laptop, CentOS for server although I have been using Debian a bit more in recent years.

I am an avid ‘ricer’ and enjoy customising my environment, doing as much as I can in the terminal.

I am open to any questions, or you can check out my site for more information and how to contact me.

I found the link to the group through doing research online about Linux OS

I am fascinated by OS’s in general and like electronics and pc hardware and build power pc’s for 3D work etc in my free time out of work.
My current occupation is a manager of a
pizza outlet for the time being.

I’m a professional musician running recording equipment with a Mac laptop… still can’t see a way to use Linux to record at a professional level…but for my personal computing I’ve been gently learning to use Linux over the last 3 years. I got very tired of inhabiting the walled garden of proprietary software and feel disturbed by the lack of privacy or permissions involved with it’s use.
The potential of Linux really excites me but the learning curve is steep!
So I bought a cheap little chrome book and i have played with Bodhi, Elementary, Trisquel and now Pure OS, but i’m far more interested in unleashing the possibilities of the terminal, and find it fascinating, although a little impenetrable…
But the journey continues and I’m delighted to have finally found some others to bounce ideas around with…
I’m based in Leitrim, but can’t find a trace of Linux here so I’m reaching out to the big city for support!