Forum Rules (Please Read)

Rules: (these rules may be subject to change or rewording at an admin’s discretion)

1. Be civil: This may be an online forum but it represents a real-life social community. Be mindful that you are talking to other human beings and so please be polite and civil.

2. No Distro bashing: Linux has a spectrum of different distributions, we all have our preferences and our preferences may change. There is no “superior” distro, only ones that work for you. If you cannot understand someone’s choice, why not politely ask them to explain it?

3. A Windows or a Mac user is a potential convert: Just because they do not currently use Linux, does not mean that they won’t at some stage in the future. Treat them like someone who uses another distro to yours. Engage them in conversation and contrast the pros and cons of your choice vs theirs.

4. Unsavoury/unwanted behaviour: If you notice someone breaking these rules or all round being an asshole who’s disrespectful to people, please bring it to an admin or mod’s attention. Please be mindful that the admins and mods are all volunteers with full -time jobs. Please allow a 24 hour period for a decision to be made, bear in mind that this period may include a discussion with the other admins or mods on how to proceed.

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